The Greater Connellsville Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization of the business community. The Chamber is NOT a civic club, charitable organization, or department of City Government. The Chamber IS a private, non-profit corporation. It unites business and professional firms thus creating a unique networking agency working to improve business and build a cohesive community.

       Most importantly the Chamber is PEOPLE . . . just like you! People who realize that working through the Chamber they can accomplish collectively what no one of them can do individually. The strength of the Chamber lies with attracting the greatest number of members, creating a pool of resources from which ideas, energy, and finances can be drawn.

       Today the Chamber consists of over 200 business and professional firms working together to make the Connellsville area a better place to live, work and play. It serves as a voice for the business and professional community on critical issues, setting and achieving goals that will assure the Connellsville area of reaching its full potential as a community.

       Become a valued member of the Greater Connellsville Chamber of Commerce and in doing so you are not only benefiting your business by joining a vast intra-network of other Connellsville business but at the same time you are investing in the future prosperity of the entire greater Connellsville area. JOIN US TODAY! 


Business Membership-Number of Employees : Fees

1-5:                                  $160.00

6-10:                                $ 185.00

11-25:                              $ 235.00

26-100:                            $310.00

101-500:                         $660.00

500-1500:                       $945.00

1501-2000:                   $1020.00

Over 2000                    $60.00 per employee

Banks:      $400.00

Fraternal Organizations, Associations, Public Agency Representatives:     $100.00

Civic/Labor Organizations:     $125.00

Individual Membership:    $100.00

Retired Individual Membership:  $60.00

Direct Sales:  $125.00



Membership application (pdf)


About us

Our Goals


The Greater Connellsville Chamber of Commerce has been serving the Connellsville Community and surrounding areas for many years. Every business should be able to have an input and opinion on ways to improve the atmosphere of Connellsville, thus making it a wonderful place to work, live, shop, and play. As a result, Connellsville would be able to provide all the necessary services and products to keep business and citizenry "at home."


  •  Provide Unity for the Local Business Sector
  • Encourage Economic Development
  • Provides a Networking Center for New Residents, New and Existing Businesses, Industry, Tourists, and Referrals
  • Encourage Transportation Improvements
  • Watchdog for Local and National Legislation for Information and Issues affecting the Greater Connellsville Area
  • Recognize Outstanding Achievement and Service for the Betterment of Our Community
  •  Plan and Promote Special Events in Downtown Connellsville to Encourage Shopping Locally
  •  Offer Varied Services for Members of the Chamber
  • Cooperate and Work Closely with other Organizations Working on Common Areas of Concern
  • Host mixers
  • Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies
  • Help sponsor monthly Lunch & Learns
  • Sponsor Connellsville High School's Business Student of the Month
  • Provide savings through member to member benefits and Chamber Choice


Chamber Choice

Our Service Offerings

Employer Sponsored Health Insurance

Energy Solutions

Business Insurance

Administrative and HR Services

ERISA/ACA Compliance

Community Programs